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The Caernarvon Quilt

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This fine Welsh Blanket was made to a popular  design depicting Aberystwyth College above and Caernarvon Castle below. Framed by a border woven with Welsh Dragons and Leeks. Woven on a Jacquard loom in orange and cream

The first record of this design is in 1866 when John Roberts of Love Lane gave this Welsh blanket to the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII 1841 - 1910), when he opened the Caernarvon Waterworks.  This blanket had two designs of Caernarvon Castle on a cross hatched background, surrounded by a border of roses on all four sides. Pwhelli Woollen Mill took out a patent in 1894 for the Caernarvon Quilt and its production continued until the Mill was closed in 1926 but this design now had an image of Aberstywyth College and Caernarvon Castle with a border of a leek and dragon design

The next mill to produce this design is Trefiw Mill. The last Caernarvon Quilt to be produced was to mark the investiture of Prince Charles in 1969 and was made in many different colourways including the traditional orange and cream, black and cream and purple and black

181 cm x 213 cm


Welsh Castel Antique Tapestry AT48 - Detail

Details of the Antique Tapestry

Welsh Castel Antique Tapestry AT48 - Detail





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