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Balaclava Protective Face Salve

Balaclava Protective Face Salve is a winter wonder to protect your face against the change in seasons

Ideal for runners, hikers, dog walkers and horse riders, in fact it is an essential for any outdoor enthusiast who spends time in the cold weather

Super nourishing protection is provided by a unique blend of ingredients.  These include cold pressed, organic avocado, borage and peach kernel oil, Calming Roman Chamomile and Mandarin essential oil

  • Helps to protect against the elements
  • Climate control for your face
  • Guards against chapping from biting wind and sub zero temperatures
  • 100% natural

Hand Made in Wales

30 ml

How to use:

Before braving the elements, place a small amount in the palm of your hand and then rub into your face

Balaclava is registered with the Vegetarian Society and hence only tested on humans

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